Welcome to Treasure State Orff Chapter! 

Fall Workshop – Brian Burnett
Saturday, 9/17/2022  9am – 1pm
Paxson Elementary, Missoula MT

Make Your Own Treasure!
Explore some of the basic elements of meter and tonality without notation.
Dig into some processes to give your students a chance to create their own material.
Process a lesson with skeletons, guided exploration, or building blocks.

Brian Burnett

Brian Burnett taught elemental music & movement in Ohio for 35 years. His team of art, library, music, and physical education teachers created a common assessment strategy and report cards through a three-year study. This team of eight also implemented district teacher assessment documents for the state’s Student Learning Objectives. He has published in the Ohio MEA Triad, The Orff Echo and the textbook series Share the Music and Spotlight On Music. Brian has taught all three levels of movement and currently teaches level two basic. He serves as the National Conference Director for AOSA and presents workshops on assessment, movement and process across the country.

Treasure State Orff is an affiliate of AOSA.  For more information about the
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“The American Orff-Schulwerk association strongly encourages members to be positive and discreet when discussing our organization, specific courses and/or teachers, and the Orff movement. The very nature of the Orff Schulwerk philosophy embodies a broad spectrum of expressions exploring different paths to arrive at artistic and educational goals. Members are encouraged to recognize and remain open to varied approaches and to celebrate both our differences and our similarities.”