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Workshops Offered this Year:
September 22, 2018
Betsy Kipperman

Playing with Pieces:

There are so many charming pieces in Orff and Keetman’s body of work written for children.  Some are short and therefore, easily overlooked.  Some are intimidating with seemingly complex forms, rhythms, or meter.

Every time I flip through the pages of those skinny books, a new piece catches my eye.  Sometimes I am intrigued by a piece even if I have taught it five times in five different ways.  But this time I could use it to ______________________.  Sometime a piece just resonates with me, and I have to find a way to use it because I love it.

In this session participants will play some of my favorite pieces from the supplemental Orff/Keetman texts.  Participants will play with elements of the pieces in order to expand the overall learning experience.

In short, we will play with what we play. I hope that teachers are inspired and encouraged to:

  • explore the original source material and find favorites of their own
  • find elements of pieces they want to share with their students
  • expand pieces in ways that will be more meaningful and accessible to themselves as well the students they teach

Betsy Kipperman has taught general music classes and directed children’s choirs since 1998.  She has taught early childhood, elementary, and middle school students in public and private schools in Maryland and Virginia.  Ms. Kipperman has served on the board of the MAC-AOSA chapter in many capacities. She has served on AOSA’s National Board of Trustees as one of the Region IV Representatives. She presents workshops for local chapters, national conferences, and teaches Orff Levels I and II.  Ms. Kipperman spent the 2010-2011 school year at the Carl Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria studying Advanced Topics in Music and Movement Education.  She currently teaches in Washington D.C.

January Chapter Sharing – January 19

March 16, 2019
Kate Webster
Moving off the Page, Into the World of Orff-Schulwerk

“Elemental music is never alone, but forms a unity with movement, dance, and speech,” (Carl Orff). This workshop will explore teaching processes that incorporate movement-using creativity of the Schulwerk media as our guide.  The day will flow featuring both primary and intermediate pieces from the volumes as well as analyze different approaches to folk dance using the lens of the Schulwerk.   Participants will experience ways to facilitate music in in their classroom and foster community with students using all the media of the Schulwerk.

*This will be an active music and movement-making workshop. Please dress comfortably.

Dr. Kate Webster is a K-5 Music Specialist in the Stillwater Area Public Schools District near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Kate has experience teaching general/vocal music and choir K-8.  She is also a certified yoga instructor with an emphasis on vinyasa yoga, a practice embedded with movement.  Her Orff training includes Levels, Master, and Curriculum courses at the University of St. Thomas. Kate is an active presenter at both state and national conferences.  She teaches Movement Level I, II, and III at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and North Dakota State University.

All workshops are held at Paxson School in Missoula.
A map is available HERE >>
Workshops are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Please bring snacks to share during our breaks!

OPI and graduate credit are available

OPI (Recertification):

  1. Go to pd4montana.hrmplus.net
  2. Login or register for an account.  You will automatically go to “course registration”. You must register PRIOR to the workshop.
  3. Click on January 20 and later, March 3.
  4. Find and Register for #       , TSO Chapter Sharing. March workshop is        .
  5. Complete all pages.  If you get a critical error report after the last page, don’t worry.   You’ll still show up on the roster.
  6. Be sure to sign the roster at next week’s awesome workshop!

A few days after the course, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to evaluate the course.   Log into pd4montana.hrmplus again, finish the evaluation then click on “My records” to print the OPI page for your records.  This needs to be done before June 4.

Please let Brenda Griggs know if you have any problems.  🙂

Graduate Credit through the University of Montana

Attendees of all three workshops can sign up for 1 university credit. The fee is $135. Shane Robertson will have the registration forms at the January chapter sharing workshop. Interested people will need to fill out the form, pay the fee, and return to Shane at some point during the workshop. Payment can be made with a credit card or a check. If taking for graduate credit (which everyone with a completed bachelor’s should do), each person will need to write a 5-page paper after completing the three workshops. Papers should address the three workshops and need to be turned in to Shane Robertson by April 14th (do not stress about the papers…it is just a formality for UM).

Treasure State Orff is an affiliate of AOSA.  For more information about the
American Orff-Schulwerk Association please visit aosa.org

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“The American Orff-Schulwerk association strongly encourages members to be positive and discreet when discussing our organization, specific courses and/or teachers, and the Orff movement. The very nature of the Orff Schulwerk philosophy embodies a broad spectrum of expressions exploring different paths to arrive at artistic and educational goals. Members are encouraged to recognize and remain open to varied approaches and to celebrate both our differences and our similarities.”