Welcome to the Treasure State Orff Chapter! 

Spring Workshop – Dan Gullick, Saturday, 3/26/2022
Workshop: 10am – 2pm
Workshop extension: 2pm – 3pm,
Opportunity for attendees to work and play
Music for Children pieces.

Playful Music Making: A Student Focused Approach
Dan Gullick
Dan Gullick“In this workshop we will engage in the Orff approach through process teaching. We will engage our creative brains with a combination of children’s books, rhythmic building bricks, movement, instrument playing, and singing as well as combining the teaching practices of Keetman with the incorporation of popular music.  By utilizing a scaffolded approach we help students construct their understanding of music through active and authentic musical problem solving. How do kids learn? Through playful exploration. So let’s have fun and grow as educators.”
Attendees are encouraged to bring a snack or light  lunch to eat during short break.

Dan Gullick teaches kindergarten through fifth grade music at Liberty Ridge Elementary, in Woodbury, Minnesota. He founded a fourth and fifth grade Orff ensemble at his school and co-directs a fourth and fifth grade extra-curricular choir. In his role as district department leader for elementary music teachers, Dan creates and presents professional development sessions and has supported the implementation of standards-based grading.
He holds a BA in music from Luther College and an MA in music education with an emphasis in Orff Schulwerk from the University of St. Thomas. Dan is an AOSA approved teacher educator and has taught Orff Level 1 basic pedagogy at North Dakota State University and Lakeland University. He is currently serving music education and Orff Schulwerk as a member of the AOSA National Board of Trustees. 

Treasure State Orff is an affiliate of AOSA.  For more information about the
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“The American Orff-Schulwerk association strongly encourages members to be positive and discreet when discussing our organization, specific courses and/or teachers, and the Orff movement. The very nature of the Orff Schulwerk philosophy embodies a broad spectrum of expressions exploring different paths to arrive at artistic and educational goals. Members are encouraged to recognize and remain open to varied approaches and to celebrate both our differences and our similarities.”